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        Shaoxing Haofang Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is located on the eastern side of ancient city Shaoxing-Dongguan Industrial Park in Shangyu City. It abuts on the National Highway 104 and the transportation is very convenient.
        It has strong technological power, advanced developing methods, high-efficiency production equipments, complete inspection conditions and perfect modernized management system. It is engaged in professional production of Y series of three-phase asynchronous motors, NGW-L-F series of decelerator, YCL series of low-noise cooing tower special motors, YCLF fan special motors, YD series of multi-speed three-phase asynchronous motors, belt decelerator (motor), YQ series of smoke venting motors etc. of multiple types and specification and is among the enterprises of complete specifications in Chinese motor industry at present.
        In order to ensure constant development and maintain eternal vigor of company, it insists on the enterprise management philosophy of “Lowest price with the same quality, highest quality with the same price”, perfects management system continuously, strengthens the employees’ quality training and actively employs excellent talents so that the enterprise can have virtuous cycle and catch up with advantageous enterprises in the same industry rapidly in Zhejiang Province. We warmly welcome customers to our company for selecting products.

        版權所有:紹興市浩方機電有限公司 ? 
        聯系電話:82578716 手機:13567566019 聯系人:陳總 地址:浙江省.紹興市上虞市曹娥街道白米堰村104國道北